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Voiceover-Driven Company Introduction Video

This visually-stunning video showcases River and Mercantile’s strengths as a leading investment group specializing in asset management. 

Corporate Company Overview Video

InvestCloud narrates its journey to becoming a trailblazing leader in the financial software industry. This production aims to showcase the pivotal challenge addressed by InvestCloud in the financial industry, shed light on the company’s core values, and outline the features and advantages of their groundbreaking product.

Tech Product Company Video

Concept 33 Video Production tells a story of networking in the future and how Popl solves the big problem of missed connections. We showcase Popl’s user friendliness by demoing their digital business card application and highlighting the features and benefits of their groundbreaking product. 

Behind-The-Scenes Promo

Does this video really need any introduction? Aaron Paul on the cover of Men’s Journal magazine shares 5 of his personal favorites items and things to do. This video promotes Men’s Journal Magazine and highlights Aaron Paul as an icon for men’s health & wellness.

A Heart-Warming Interview-Driven Story

Vision to Learn is a company dedicated to helping vision-impaired children get the glasses they need, so that they can better succeed in the classroom. This video helped spread their message. Since as many as 2 million children lack the glasses they need, this is indeed an important cause.

Company Culture Video

5arch showcases their company value by documenting their anti-cancer walk and team building event. Through this video, 5arch not only demonstrates their dedication to important causes but also highlights their supportive and caring company culture. By actively engaging in community initiatives and fostering teamwork, 5arch solidifies its reputation as a company that not only cares about its employees but also gives back to the community.

Company Service-Based Testimonial

In this compelling video, we present a testimonial highlighting Banc of California as a trusted financial institution, emphasizing their commitment to excellence, reliability, and personalized service that sets them apart from the competition. Through real-life experiences and client testimonials, we showcase how Banc of California stands out as a beacon of trust and reliability in the financial industry, earning the loyalty and confidence of customers.

Software Product Testimonial

Here’s a testimonial for Funnel, establishing their technology as user-friendly and versatile in the marketing industry. Funnel uses this testimonial to stand-out amongst the competitors and showcase their client’s success to attract visibility.

Company Product-Based Testimonial

Here’s an exciting testimonial on Turntide Smart Motors by Macerich, a mall owner and operator in the US. Turntide Smart Motors has helped Macerich save hundreds of thousands of dollars on electricity as well as lower their carbon footprint nationwide. Sharing this story has helped Turntide establish trust and credibility in their industry for years to come.

The Opposite of Cookie Cutter

No two companies are the same, so we don’t film or edit your corporate video the same way we’d film or edit another company’s. Your company is unique.

You need a real strategy and we treat you and your company like a business partner, not just a paycheck.

We want your company to look good. And we want you to look good for hiring us! 

We won’t ghost you til shoot day.

We’ll plan things out before we shoot, so that you’re confident that we understand your company’s needs. 

And we don’t stop there: we make sure the edited content matches your company’s aesthetic as well. 

Trust in Our 20+ Years of Experience

We’ve seen it all, done it all, and even invented a few new tricks along the way. So, sit back, relax, and let our team of experts take the wheel.

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Take a sip of your favorite beverage, unwind, and watch as we deliver all your projects right on time. The greatest part about working with us is that you get to do a lot less and get more things done! 

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With our expertise in visual storytelling, we craft captivating videos that engage and resonate with your audience. Let’s take your content to the next level and 5X your ROI!



We Get Clients Results

A Major Milestone in Hybrid Events

Challenge: Amid the challenges presented by the pandemic, InvestCloud, a frontrunner in the financial software industry, faced the significant task of launching their new product, InvestCloud X. Traditionally, the company showcased their products at international conferences, but with the shift to virtual operations, they had to adapt, much like many other businesses. With the CEO’s vision to recreate the iconic iPhone 1 Keynote Speech by Steve Jobs, the team embarked on the ambitious endeavor. Despite a tight timeframe of just two weeks, they swiftly set to work to bring the vision to life.

Solution: After an intense two-day search spanning over 100 venues, the team secured the expansive 9,000-square-foot Guerin Pavilion at the Skirball Center, ideal for constructing a 64-foot stage, a 30-foot screen, and a set identical to the iPhone Keynote. The entire set was successfully assembled with just a day to spare before the livestream. The event’s virtual format proved to be a game-changer, resulting in a remarkable 6X increase in event attendance, with a total of 2,371 international participants.

Through resourcefulness and unwavering dedication, Concept 33 and InvestCloud not only overcame the obstacles brought on by the pandemic but also achieved unprecedented success, setting a new standard for virtual events.

Problem-Solving to 6X ROI

Challenge: Neora, a hair and skincare product company, was looking to launch their new products with a headlining impactful video sharing the features and benefits of each product. Their goal was to increase sales of their new line and capture new customers of all demographics.

Solution: Concept 33 created a video showcasing 3 unique models with 3 different types of hair, demoing each product. The results for these products spoke for themselves and along with a captivating exciting video, Neora sold out their first batch of haircare products with 48 hours of the campaign being launched. Within 2 hours, the video captured 50,000 views as well as hundreds of comments and thousands of likes. 

Our Leadership

Stephanie White
Co-Founder and Production Manager

Mom of Two Kids 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 and a Dog 🐶

Aside from being a co-founder of Concept 33, Stephanie White has been a video content creator for 9 years. From editing thousands of videos and capturing content on multiple cameras to producing large scale events and launching viral ads, she has dived deep in all aspects of content creation and video production. She’s guided by empathy and compassion and believes in having a cultured team, constantly striving for balance and innovation. Stephanie loves being around people and is inspired by emotion and connection, the true essence of video content creation. Don’t mistake her kindness for weakness, she’s a fighter and never stops until the goals are smashed!

Stephanie’s spends most of her free time with her two kids and spouse, cooking, doing yoga and meditation, and heavy lifts at the gym. Stephanie has a passion for personal and spiritual development, psychology, and philosophy.

Patrick Allocca
Co-Founder and Creative Director

Film Lover 🎞️ and Voracious Reader 📖

Film has been a life-long obsession for Patrick, so it only makes sense that he’s been involved in content creation since he was a teenager. Beginning in TV broadcast, he quickly climbed the ranks before deciding he wanted to start his own company. By combining his love of storytelling and literature with cinematic techniques, Patrick set out to start a company that focused on, to put it simply, “business videos that aren’t boring”. Along with co-founder Stephanie White, Concept 33 was born from that mantra. He believes that “corporate” isn’t a dirty word, that filming something just for the sake of filming it isn’t the way, and that strategy mixed with artistry is the key to success.

Creating thousands of videos has only strengthened these beliefs. 

On any given day, Patrick can be found discussing a particular movie in minute detail, writing short stories, or talking about himself in third person.

Christopher Nightingale
Post-Production Supervisor

Coffee Aficionado ☕️

Christopher began his career by ascending the ranks of video editorial and production content in Los Angeles, leading creative content development for several of Hollywood’s AAA franchises of the last decade. Chris has worked to deliver best-in-class video marketing content, ensuring organic box office results. Notable mentions include his contributions to the Harry Potter and John Wick franchises.

He has since taken his experience and expertise in motion picture marketing to the business world, where he has led editorial efforts in events, promotional videos, and ads. He’s also acted as a creative advisor to several leading Fortune 500 companies. Christopher holds a master’s degree in scriptwriting and is passionate and dedicated to ensuring the entire creative enterprise on projects is fulfilled to the highest possible level. By combining creative writing and video editorial skills, Chris is able to help companies articulate and execute their vision organically in the digital cinematic syntax required in the competitive business market.

We’re NOT a giant company that shoots events nationwide, nor do we want to be. We’re a boutique video production agency that has a specialized team of event professionals. We DON’T outsource talent. We accomplish miracles every day. Our size is our strength. 

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