Event Production Management

Concept 33 handles all aspects of event production management: from location scouting to building a stage to video production to LCD screens–and everything in between! The above video is a case study for one of our biggest clients. We handled every aspect of their hybrid livestream/in-person event! And here’s a snippet of the final product:

For the launch of InvestCloud X livestream event, InvestCloud wanted to re-create the famous launch of the iPhone 1 by Steve Jobs in 2007. Concept 33 was hired and within 3 weeks had to build and manage the entire event production from scratch.

The Venue: In order to replicate the original iPhone keynote, we had to make sure the venue was large enough to seat a large audience as well as account for stage design, a 30’ screen, AV and video production technology. We looked at hundreds of venues and landed on the Guerin Pavilion at the Skirball Center. It was 9,000 square feet, just enough space to build out the event.

The Stage Design: At the Guerin Pavilion, we needed build a 14’ by 64’ long stage with a 30’ projection screen with areas for the AV and video production crew and space for the audience.

Lighting & Sound: We built the lighting deck, plus we replicated the drapery and sound design to provide the same exact experience at the iPhone keynote speech.

AV and Video Production: InvestCloud X was a hybrid event, an in-person live event as well as an international livestream across the world. So on top of AV and filming the entire event, Concept 33 also streamed the event live over Zoom. Definitely not your average webinar.

Presenter: The Co-Founders of InvestCloud rehearsed for a week prior to the event. Although the Co-Founders are excellent at improv, they had to know each other’s cues as well as steps on the stage, so they could work cohesively together to effectively explain their product. The mapping out the steps and movements also allowed the video production crew to capture identical shots to Steve Jobs in the iPhone 1 Keynote.

Product Demonstration: Unlike the iPhone, which is a tangible product, InvestCloud’s software is not. We had to decide on whether we wanted the product to be demonstrated on an iPhone or a computer. Although the keynote speech was infamously centered around the iPhone, InvestCloud’s product was best represented on a Macbook, which is how we decided to present it.