Events and Livestreams

If you didn’t film it, did the event even happen?

You’re spending a lot of time and money on your event and you want it documented in the most cinematic and compelling way. The memories at your event need to be captured in a way that will evoke emotion and edited into a reel that will generate buzz and get future attendees to go to your next event. Luckily Concept 33 Video Production knows these tricks and you can leave all the work to us.

Whether it’s a corporate conference, live event, or a music festival, capturing the highlights of the event in a professionally produced video will be an impactful tool for your business that you can showcase for years to come.

Our 4 Step Video Production Strategy will ensure your event video is a huge success:

Pre-production: We will work closely with you to understand the event’s goals, audience, and key messaging. We’ll develop a creative plan the shoot schedule, and coordinate logistics such as equipment rentals, crew hires, and location scouting.

Production: Our video production crew will capture cinematic footage of the event using high-end cinema cameras, lighting, and sound equipment. They may also use drones, time-lapse cameras, and other specialized equipment to capture unique perspectives and angles. If you are also livestreaming your event, we will use the latest live-streaming equipment to ensure your viewers get the most immersive experience possible.

Post-Production: Here’s the fun part. The post-production phase begins, where the raw footage is edited, sound and music are added, and special effects are incorporated to create an impactful highlight reel. Our post-production will also edit the entire event for attendees to relive special moments and future viewers to get the full experience from the comfort of their home.

Distribution: The end result is a professional video that captures the essence of the event and can be used for promotional purposes, social media sharing, and as a lasting memento for attendees.

If you’re looking for an event video production crew that will help you achieve your goals, contact us today to learn more about our event and livestream services.