The Art of Interview
Video Production

There are many video production tricks to getting your interview to convey your message while looking sophisticated, modern, and professional. Luckily you don’t have to know any of them. Leave it to Concept 33.

In order to film a cinematic interview, careful planning and attention to detail are no stranger to us. We work closely with you to understand your message and goals, and create a tailored plan to achieve them. We start by selecting the best location, lighting, and background to create a comfortable and professional environment for your interviewee. We then use high-quality equipment to capture the best possible image and sound quality, including multiple cinema cameras, directional microphones, and lighting equipment.

During the interview, we take a personalized approach, using our skills as interviewers to put your subject at ease and encourage them to share their thoughts and insights. We listen carefully to their answers and follow up with additional questions to keep the conversation flowing, ensuring that we capture the most engaging and informative content possible.

After the interview is complete, we work closely with you to edit the footage and create a polished final product that effectively conveys your message and engages your audience. Our in-house post-production team will cut out any unnecessary or repetitive footage, add relevant b-roll footage, and edit the audio to improve sound quality.

Whether you’re looking to film an interview for a corporate video, documentary, or testimonial, we have the expertise and experience to accomplish the task with precision. Contact us today to learn more about our interview filming services and how we can help you achieve your goals.